Its confirmed…

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I am definitely entering the cycle where I am burned out. This is actually surprising as it came a couple of months earlier.

I am too mentally tired to be excited in trying a couple of tech that i thought was cool.

I need to get myself out of bed and hack at something.  It is easier said than done though.

Valentines 2014 and beyond

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Yesterday, February 14th, my wife and I ate dinner at home which subsisted of grilled rib-eye steaks, a bowl of marble potatoes in honey mustard dressing, and we actually finished a bottle of White Zinfadel. This morning we had a fairly standard fried breakfast: sunny side up eggs, sauteed corned beef, home-made bacon slices and fried rice with bacon bits. Was it a good Valentine’s day celebration? NOPE.

Onward to a problematic new year

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The pragmatic in me kicked in and I realized again that problems are what defines our existence. Only the  dead are free of them.

With that said I wish your problems will be sur mount able,  your challenges manageable,  trespasses against you forgivable,  and your heartaches forgettable.

Year 2013,  bring your best and worst.  We already have gone through the millennium bug and the mayan calendar end. We are as ready as we are going to be for the next round.  🙂


Something is not “right” with this house

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Since we moved to Pasig to cut down our daily commute time we have decided to offer our house in Binangonan for rent. Most if not all who inquires keeps on asking if we want to sell it instead.


My wife says its the aura. Some houses have this light and welcoming aura while some would imbibe a dark and heavy feeling. Ours belong to the first category but I think it also has something to do with the people who live there. 🙂

More “as-is” pictures here.

A kid’s dream

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I hail from a middle-class family but I was able to play in the houses and offices of our more well-off relatives. During those times I always associated the “table” as a symbol of power and success. My mother is a public school teacher and I attributed her position with her photo clippings and plastic covered wooden table. I dreamed that someday I would have a table of my own that would bear the title of supervisor, manager, or simply put a boss.

In the childish view of somebody who have observed how hard it is to do manual labor, the “table” espouses a position of power; a capacity to make other people follow my whim. I would sometimes pantomime signing papers and giving people tongue lashings. It seemed like an easy life wherein my job entails sitting on a chair and transforming pieces of paper to near priceless artifacts with the simple flick of the pen in my hand.

Fast forward 25 years or so later and I can only shake my head on the foolishness of that dream. I could say that I am a supervisor but my work has not gone lighter than when I started. I am writing this piece after taking a break on my 15th hour since I started working. Those who are higher than me work more hours than I do as they seemingly take on a lot of tasks and projects. If I could talk to my past self I would have said: your dream is good my so innocent friend, but you do not understand the gravity of the responsibility that comes with that luxurious job. Tasks do not come easier as you progress your career. On second thought, jobs worth keeping become more complex and more frustrating.

Salut to all who thinks moving up the ranks mean less work. Cherish your innocence while it lasts.

Btw, I heard CEO jobs are actually easier… 😉

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