Not so fantastic

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Arvin, Francis and me watched the Fantastic 4 movie last night. The fantastic movie is not so fantastic, at least to me. The fact that I am a geek and know most Marvel superheroes might have been a factor. I still like the treatment of Batman begins over this ‘origin’ film of the Fantastic 4. This is supposed to be the first of a series, and hopefully the action and cinema magic will be better on the next round.

One thing I would give credit is that they have stayed (mostly) true to the comics.


Bath dilemma: Soap or Scrub?


This has been plaguing me on and off during the past few years. Since childhood I was instructed that when taking a bath, it is proper to scrub first before soaping. I thought it made sense because you are removing the grime first before applying the cleansing properties of whatever soap you are using.

Until I read a health column discussing the action made by the soap. The writer (a dermatologist, if I remember it correctly) discussed that what soap do is basically dissolve the oily cover of the grime so it could be washed more easily by water. This is the reason why water alone is not enough to cleanse our skin. If we follow that logic, then wouldnt it make more sense to soap our body first to breakdown these oily shields then scrub afterwards?

Or soap first, then scrub, then soap again. The downside is you are wasting too much water in the process. 🙁

But then again, some people dont even take a bath daily. While some just dont have that privilege.


Lamb kaldereta: food fit for royalty?

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My freezer was tapped out yesterday thus I went to S-Market last night after office to do some grocery. I was originally planning to cook Sarciadong (insert -available-fish) and pick up some liempo parts for the remaining gabi (taro) in the ref (sinigang in two consecutive weeks, definitely not appetizing). However I chance upon some packaged lamb cuts (or bones) that were on sale. Imagine that its priced at 2.68 euros for a 0.68kg pack. Compare that to a similar pork package (all lean meat, what is a Filipino going to do with that?) priced at 4+ euros and you know what I picked. The kuripot in me is hard to suppress. 😀

Anyway, I had Lamb Kaldereta for my lunch baon. Ang SOSI! It is still not healthy since I used a cooking mix to prepare it but what the heck. What do you want an inpatriate do under these circumstances? 🙁

Oh, by the way, the reason why the lamb was so cheap is that its packaging best before date is only up to today. :twisted-grin:

Its not a health issue because its going to be ‘good’ tomorrow, until $DEITY knows when. I doubt if it will even stretch until tomorrow’s lunch since its going to be my dinner.