My freezer was tapped out yesterday thus I went to S-Market last night after office to do some grocery. I was originally planning to cook Sarciadong (insert -available-fish) and pick up some liempo parts for the remaining gabi (taro) in the ref (sinigang in two consecutive weeks, definitely not appetizing). However I chance upon some packaged lamb cuts (or bones) that were on sale. Imagine that its priced at 2.68 euros for a 0.68kg pack. Compare that to a similar pork package (all lean meat, what is a Filipino going to do with that?) priced at 4+ euros and you know what I picked. The kuripot in me is hard to suppress. 😀

Anyway, I had Lamb Kaldereta for my lunch baon. Ang SOSI! It is still not healthy since I used a cooking mix to prepare it but what the heck. What do you want an inpatriate do under these circumstances? 🙁

Oh, by the way, the reason why the lamb was so cheap is that its packaging best before date is only up to today. :twisted-grin:

Its not a health issue because its going to be ‘good’ tomorrow, until $DEITY knows when. I doubt if it will even stretch until tomorrow’s lunch since its going to be my dinner.