I am fond of fantasy games and novels, as well as fiction works. One theme that goes on a large portion of the works that keeps on popping up is the celebration of the human aspect. The authors might be biased because we are human but it has always something to do about the way humans think, how a small action can be interpreted as good or bad depending on who is looking.

According to the bible, man was born with the weakness gene. They succumb to temptation. They get enticed by the ‘dark’ side. They are enthralled by bodily pleasures. However humans have one saving trait, that which makes them weak are also the ones that enables him to triumph and ascend to greatness.

Each man is unique, with a different set of skills and talents that is formidable especially when taken as a whole. Call it God’s will or just plain Karma, but the sum of a man’s traits balances him out. Nobody is without any problems, and each have their own demons to contend with. The person you admire might not be leading a fantastic life.

I remember watchng a show in MTV wherein they showcase the house and other properties of some famous people. The houses were gorgeous, and the things that they collect and own are something that I can only dream of having. But then I begin to think, what happens when the camera goes off? Are these people really happy? Does their gigantic house really make them happy, or is the spacious caverns of each room amplify their loneliness?

We have always heard the phrase ‘Money is not everything’ and ‘Money cant buy happiness’ but having some really goes a long way. There are no hard and fast rules about how much money is needed to make somebody happy, or a part of that happpiness. There are people who are filthy rich but are not really happy while there are those who dont have much but are genuinely content on their daily lives. For me the yardstick of happiness is when a person has already decided that he has enough and learns to enjoy what is already in his possession.

Human nature is a wild beast that whole fields of science are devoted in understanding how it work. They have already come up with patterns and other mumbo-jumbo that explains why certain people do what they do at certain occassions. That sounds amazing and all but I dont think man can really understand the reasons why man does what he does. It is one of the greatest X-Factor that is called LIFE. The unpredictability of humans make life interesting. Putting it in a petri dish that can be dissected under a microscope is something like an impossible dream being chased by many. I admire them for their zealousness but I dont want to be them. It is more fun to stay here in the sidelines and just appreciate life as it goes by one moment at a time.