After a 5 1/2 month assignment, I am finally going home tomorrow. I have almost finished packing my things but I might leave something behind due to lack of space. The chocolates and Ikea stuff filled 2 boxes. I think I am in the danger of going aboard the 40 kilo limit. 😀

Looking back the stuff I learned during this trip is rather refreshing. I got to learn about Maven, Test coverage tools and continuous integration, as well as applying them. I hope I would be given the chance to apply them on future projects.

One more night and I am finally saying goodbye to my second country (by default since this is the only other country where I spent more than 1 month 😀 ). I barely understand the language but at least I got to experience a real winter. Two more nights and I am back to Filipino heaven, of Jollibees and baluts and every cholesterol-laden gastronimic wonders.

I think I hear my stomach growling, and my mouth is salivating. 😀