Like most tech-oriented people, I love Google (the browser and the company) since they always bring innovative ways on how we do things and also a fresh non-corporate-like corporate approach on things (sounds like an oxymoron πŸ˜€ ).

GMail really hooked me up because they had a few nifty features when they started and they kept on adding new features as time goes along. This is the reason why I am still reeling from feature-withdrawal symptoms since the company I work for black-listed it in favor of so-called security (its a BS7799 thing). I still get to check my GMail account every once in a while but the recent feature addition is *gasp* adding a delete button directly on the mail listing *gasp* . Previously users had to access the delete functionality from a dropdown box. This was because GMail does not want people to delete mails but rather classify and save them. This is not an altruistic goal on the part of GMail since it helps Google serve really targeted advertisements in the non-obtrusive way that Google knows best. πŸ™‚

Well everybody familiar with the tech scene knows that Google is building up to be a big corporation similar to Microsoft. The only difference is most geeks love Google as much as they love bashing Microsoft. I said most because there are others who bash Google the same way they bash any corporations. To these people, corporations is automatically synanymous to evil! They say that Google is amassing too much clout in swaying how people shoudl think and act.

What really made me laugh was the sequence of comic strips featured in regarding the “delete” button in GMail. It started with this strip which culminated for this week with this strip. There might be a continuation tomorrow since it is only Friday here but I won’t see it until I return to the office on Monday.

Gotta love the comment from the poor web developer from Y**oo! πŸ˜€