I thought I was starting a new acronym but it seems NetHack has already first dibs on Lessons Learned The Hard Way. 😀 Anyway, any posts that I tag with this acronym should be self-explanatory. 😀

One of the training machines we are using is encountering a weird error because the user could not launch the plugin project for debugging. To make the matters worse, the error message just contains an empty string. The other machines does not seem to exhibit the problem.

After an hour of trial and error, we finally figured out the problem. Eclipse does not like importing projects that are placed in the C:\ (or root drive). The solution was to place the project code base in a intermediary directory (C:\Something) and then proceed with importing it in the workspace.

I do not know the rational explanation for this one and my initial google searches does not reveal anything that is remotely related. I will just chalk this one as a lesson learned the hard way.