Today, for the first time in weeks, I went out of the building to have my lunch instead of going upstairs in the cafeteria. The lunch and company was fine but I am now regretting it when I got back since I found out that the area of my pants directly below my back pocket was slashed!

It is apparent that whoever did this was after my wallet. It is a good thing that my back pocket has an inner sleeve that is not pressed to the pants fabric otherwise they would have succeeded in slashing the inner sleeve and getting my wallet. It might also be a factor that I unconciously do some erratic swishing to help deter situations like this but unfortunately I did not do it enough. :(While I would love to see the reaction of the thief when he finds out that my wallet is empty but I cringe at the thought of the effort required in replacing all of my credentials (driver’s license, atm card, etc.).

Right now I am angry at the thief for two reasons: for messing up a good pair of pants, and for being a nuisance to hard working people like me. And please dont justify that they did it because of poverty or lack of opportunity. That is a crock of bull and everybody knows it. Anybody who thinks otherwise should get robbed everyday so they can reaffirm that it is not the thief’s fault that he got robbed. Stealing is stealing no matter how you look at it. The Robin Hood principle does not even remotely apply to these because these people do not discriminate that their ‘victims’ are not ‘heartless rich people who robs from the poor just because they can’.

I am far from being a violent man, but I am not sorry when thieves and snatchers gets mobbed when caught. I believe that is the best example of karma at work. Too bad there is no Darwinian Theory related to evil doings. How the world will benefit if there was such a thing…