Wanna be my txtm8?

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No, I did not mean myself. Everyonce in a while I get messages like those in my phone but sometimes the anonymous person on the other end is pretty persistent even when told no. I don’t know if they have just received their very first cellphone which explains their incessant need to have friends via the unorthodox channel of text messaging.

I can understand chatting strangers via IRC since those people log-in for that kind of interaction, but in SMS? Sorry but I am not interested nor am I willing to spend Php1.00@SMS to have a broken conversation with a stranger who might very well be a lunatic. Scratch that, I may not mind having conversation with a unknown lunatic but I do mind if I am going to be charged for it. 😛

Last night I decided to have some fun. The person who introduced him/herself asked if I could be his/her friend. I replied with the following

sure.just kol me rolito, 45yrs old and lyk kids,d youngr d beter.btw s not my ril nme bec my lawyer advsd gving my ril nme.blib me dat i am inocent of d 2 rape cases.dey askd 4 it.do u heb nud pix?send it to yedaddy@hotmail.com n ill send u mine.how old r u?

No reply yet and the best 2 pesos i spent yesterday. 🙂