Who became catatonic?

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Aside from this site? Nobody… 🙂

For those who came in via the catatonic url, I am temporarily changing the domain of the capsule since I am unable to access it with the nazi-istic webproxy filters in the office. I know it is about security and policies but if they really want to secure the place then they shouldnt give me a computer with an optical drive. At some point you have to trust your people because treating them like guilty criminals will only provoke them to act like one.

Anyway, hopefully the other domain would allow me to post some from the office where I spend >14hours a day. This is temporary until I could get this workaround to work. 🙂


Leave the pseudo-politics to the dirty ones…


I was going to comment this post on Chris’ blog about Manny Pacquiao entering politics but it was something I wanted to write about (the fame+politics bit and not the MP-specific issue) so I am making it a blog-entry in itself. It also gives me an alibi of keeping this blog alive. 🙂

I just saw in the TV a couple of mornings ago that Manny wont be able to file for candidacy in GenSan because he needs to have one year residence in the city and he still have residency in Manila.

If Manny ever runs for office then that will only show that he has taken too many blows in the head. As a boxer he has shown that he has the capability to unite the nation but as a politician he has the capability of splitting the nation into a few more pieces. If ever he enters politics then it is already a given that he will win the first time because:

  • Majority of the Filipino voters are stupid. They equate popularity with capacity to serve.
  • Manny is from GenSan so he has a home court advantage.
  • Manny is currently at the peak of his career ergo he is famous ergo most voters will pick him because they are stupid.
  • Majority of the Filipino voters are stupid.

Did I say that most voters are stupid? I meant to say they are uninformed, stubborn *and* stupid.

If ever Manny will win then there are 3 outcomes:

  • the omnipotent force in this universe will smile on him, protect him, grant him the wisdom similar to what was reputed to be given to King Solomon, grant him the courage to fight the dirty political machinery, and the temperance to not be drunken with power. He will then be able to serve his constituents like how naive children envision serving others would be.
  • be a political lackey since he has no idea about governance.
  • be the sugar-daddy of the people he meant to serve until he has already blown all of the savings he got from boxing. And then he
    • would be forgotten because he does not have anything else to offer, or
    • He would succumb to the system of kickbacks and be an avid follower of traditional politicking.

This is why I admire Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes. He makes the nation proud and he has the common sense to keep out of politics. He knows he can help more via his own little ways.