Last night we watched “Music & Lyrics” which is another feel-good movie. I really liked the humor of the film but my wife doesn’t. She said she prefers “The Holiday” which is another feel-good movie we watched a couple of weeks ago.

I like both films but I feel they are not comparable. My wife said that M&L is too predictable but feel-good movies are not about the ending. Endings are just icing on the cake for these type of films, what is important is the journey and how the story developed to reach that predictable ending. M&L was the fast-paced story type while TH is more of a “keep you guessing what more they could squeeze in before you have to face the ending” type of story. On both types the viewers are already aware that there are only two endings: a happy one or a sad one, and I never doubted that both movies will opt for the happy one.

I don’t know if this is valid but when I saw the trailer for M&L in the movies there was a scene where Hugh’s character(?) said (in typically haughty british accent) “Oh my god, you are killing the song…” which was pretty funny. I didn’t notice it in the movie last night though so I don’t know if they edited it out, I missed it, or I am purely delusional.

Anyway, add those movies in your feel-good movie list. In mine, they accompany “Click” and “40 first dates”. Adam Sandler makes good movies of this type, well most of the time. 🙂