Weekend checkpoint

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After three gruesome and stressful weekends I have finally enjoyed a weekend wherein saying good morning, hi and “kitakits ulit mamaya” to the manong guards of the work building is not part of the routine. *huraahhhhh*

was the long work rally worth it? i think so, but i don’t want to go through it again. the best part of the whole deal is we aced the external audit. the auditor couldn’t find anything but given that he only inspected us for 1.5 hours then i still consider it luck.

what have i accomplished for my first free saturday? almost nothing. i splurged it on sleep; sweet, sweet and careless sleep. after driving my wife to Makati for their outing and getting some week-long supplies in the Angono palengke I just slept. Let see, I slept from 7AM to 10AM in “The Rundown” on AXN, slept on the couch, did some documentation work for my manager, slept from 7PM to 9PM, upgraded Lala to Mandriva Spring (where I have just finished reconfiguring the wireless card), and now doing some house chores. i still have some leftover bitter gourd for lunch so i don’t need to cook until this afternoon. i still have to do laundry though since the workers doing the garage will still have to work today.

ah, not bad for a lazy weekend. i still need to finish the SCM documentation so i can give it to my manager for review. the current one is pretty confusing but then the person who did it has only the basic knowhow of how SCM works, and she was merely using the copy-search-replace method from a previous instance of the document. i still have a few revisions to make before i can put my name in the revision log. 🙂

my wife is already en route to Manila so i will get to see her this afternoon. the downside is she might miss to much and give me the ‘sermon’ that i didn’t get yesterday. oh well, that is one of the perks of the married life, you no longer have the luxury of just hanging the phone when you don’t feel like listening. harharhar.

and i need to post some blog items that have been floating in my mind, mostly rants about what irritates me during the normal course of my day. 🙂 or make that 🙁