Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am!

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Last Saturday my wife and I went to Robinson’s Galleria to get some well needed RnR. Since we were on a diet and it was burger day,we were planning to leave the car in the parking lot and scoot to the Greenhills area to eat dinner at Brother’s Burger (since their branch in Rockwell has already closed shop). But since we got out late and I spied there was a new Wham! Burgers branch in 4th floor, we decided to eat there instead. Previously we were only able to eat Wham! burgers at Shangri-la Edsa.

We both ordered double whammies, two perfectly charbroiled burgers dripping with succulent juice, with some tomatoes, lettuce and on a soft sesame bun. I don’t know what happened with my burger but it disappeared somewhere in less than five minutes. I ended up sharing my wife’s burger. /lol

I am still debating whether Brother’s Burger or Wham! has the best burgers. But we will definitely eat there again on the 21st when we finally pick up the replacement for Betsy.

And oh, we watched the Transformers movie after to pass away the traffic. Great movie, and I can’t add anything that has not yet been said before. 😀