Yesterday I had a literal rude awakening. Coming from a Friday cocktail party, I tried to get some catnap before dinnertime. I gave some parting instruction to Tina and Penpen to wake me up when dinner is ready since I am really sleepy.

Upon getting to my bed, I finished reading Deception Point and began reading Digital Fortress (The last in the Dan Brown books I am reading). Realizing that the bookworm in me will prevent me from getting the catnap that I went to my room for, I switched off the lamp in the night table and started to will myself to sleep. As was my custom, I laid flat on my back and covered my eyes with my right forearm. The idea is that the pressure and the additional “shade” provided by the forearm will help me lull into sleep.

After a few minutes I already reached a state wherein my mind is already entering the sleep state. And then something hit me in the forearm and chest area that bounced off to the right side of the bed. Pissed off and with a curse forming in my mind, I started to get a look at who thought it was a good idea to wake me up with a pillow. At the back of my mind I thought it was Jordan since he is the most probable suspect but then realization kicked in, my room was dark and I can still see that my door was still closed.

Puzzled I began looking at the floor beside my bed for the object that hit me. I usually sleep only on the right side of the bed so whatever hit me would definitely land on the floor if it bounced. I switched on the night lamp and saw that there is nothing on the floor. My extra pillow was unused and still on the head-area on the left side of the bed where it is usually placed.

Was I only dreaming, or did something really woke me? I didn’t know so I just got up and went to the living room where Penpen was watching TV. I would like to think that it was just my subconscious playing tricks with my imagination but I was pretty sure something hit me to wake me up.

I would like to think I am a logical thinker but I also believe that there are things around us that I still don’t and will never understand. I have my own stash of “paranormal” stories that is suited more in a camp fire telling, but with my more than four months stay in this apartment, I haven’t really felt anything different although there were times that I think I heard my name being called.

Chalk another one for mysterious things. Maybe I can add this in the shit happens category. 🙂