What do you get when you cross a Macbook, a guitar, and three people bored and lonely while being assigned to work in another country? The amateur video below is a close approximation of my answer. It was made by some of my co-onshore assignees here in Denmark to combat loneliness and boredom, and as far as I know alcohol was not involved.

Last I heard it was an impromptu parody of Marie Digby whom youtube has granted a stepping stone to fame and stardom.

Alright, so it might not be so impromptu as I implied but I swear it is as sudden because I only heard it being discussed while we were driving to work yesterday. Francis, Harold and Lance were yapping about guitar jamming and kidding about uploading a video that I didn’t realize they were serious until they began promoting their first youtube video this morning when we were on the way to the office. 🙂

Was the video good? Of course not, its youtube you ninny! Video quality gets a mandatory downgrade when uploaded to streaming sites. If you were asking about the performance then my answer would be Yes on the grounds that it is an amateur video, an initial foray into video entertainment, and it was made for fun. Nobody with a straight face expects it to be of concert quality, and the technical/onstage mishaps just adds to the clip’s entertainment value.

Things I find funny in the video:

  • Soy is wearing a hearing aid.
  • Harold and Lance in the background, giggling and throwing words of encouragement in the background
  • The rollercoaster mix of vocals, guitar strumming, and laughter. Nevermind that the lyrics or chords sometimes get lost.
  • The “Pump”.
  • The patented Tsong Soy stare. Too bad he wasn’t able to pull it off in the end without showing any happy emotion.

I think they are planning to release a second video. Will there be another Maria Digby sensation in youtube? I am optimistic but I am not crazy. However this type of videos can give a different kind of sensation; the rib-tickling kind. 🙂

Trivia: If you stare at the video long enough, you may get a glimpse of Chona jamming with them. 😉