The day after having posted the previous entry my blog went down, or something like it. The site is still accessible but accessing capsule will show the web installation page for WordPress. Oh great, so I will be losing at least two posts since I only backed the site up after the Kronborg post. Better than nothing, right?

And then I found out that my precious backup was next to worthless since it only contained the basic database structure (and not the WP tables at that). Something was wrong with the CPanel database backup routines, which created the minuscule zip file without any errors.

I logged a request to my provider last Friday night and thankfully it was restored earlier this week with all of my posts intact. What a relief! I thought I was going to redo the blog again from scratch. It might have been a good “re-birthing” experience but something that I don’t want to go through if I really don’t have to.

Kudos to the technical support group for the restoration, but would really appreciate it if you can tell me what went wrong. 😀

Two morals to this post:

  1. Backup your data. Often. And don’t forget to validate afterwards!
  2. Shit Happens. Embrace it.