State of mind

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Everything is a state of mind. Happiness, sadness, anger, love. These can be controlled, or if not at least channeled. Some can even suppress them but that can be dangerous in the long run.

My state of mind is not perfect. I can still feel, but I can mask and to some degree dissipate the feelings through rationalization and passiveness. There would be times wherein feelings can overcome the rational mind but that is normal. The important thing is even during these times of high emotional stress (positive or negative), the rational mind retains a degree of consciousness.

I am crazy. 



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Some of the stuff we ate last night..

Appetizer: Fish balls . Barbequed pork strips in thin skewers. Spring roll dipped in a spicy sauce

Soup: Seafood stock with basil and other herbs with two drops of chili oil.

Chicken and seafood in green curry with fried beets on the side. Together with scallops with herbs and orchid petals.

Braised pork in fresh pumpkin brulee. Pad thai missing the main ingredient which is noodles(!?!?!) witha small shrimp cake with peanuts and mild chili oil.

Main dish: Lightly prepared duck in red curry served with fresh broccoli and jasmine rice. The dish is complimented by a spring-roll composed of a filling of duck leg marinated and spiced then left to ferment for four days, then enclosed in a freshly made rice wrapper.

Dessert: Mango sorbet with peach/passion fruit jelly.

Breath freshener: Mint paste with pop sugar rocks.

Last dessert: Baked coconut meat and banana with salted ice cream.

Nice presentation, but I was still hungry after.

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