The diet week is finally over with the last day finding us consuming brown rice and dinengdeng (well our approximation of what dinengdeng would look like). The ampalaya was too bitter for my taste but the kalabasa (squash) was a pleasure to eat. No fruit juice though as I couldn’t find any in the house and going to the grocery to fetch one is a waste of gas.

Final weigh in? I still tipped the scale at 194 lbs so my total weight loss is 6 lbs or somewhere around 3 kilos. Not bad for a week of sacrifice eh? I am pretty sure I would gain it back in a week or two but at least I have somewhat purified my digestive system so it is ready to take on more abuse. 🙂 Kidding, my lunch viand usually comprises of fried fish and a vegetables. Breakfast and dinner are a whole different matter.

Neth is asking if we will go through the diet again the week after. My answer is a hell NO. Try asking me again after six months. 🙂