I hate driving and find it as a chore that needs to be done. What makes me hate it even more is the amount of reckless and daredevil motorcycle drivers that are on the road today. These motorcycles give their riders enough mobility to wheeze in and out of traffic but it does not give them to right to start cutting off four-wheeled vehicles just because they think they can squeeze through. They are the ones who should be doing more of the defensive driving but they are the ones who are always on the offensive. I had my engine stalled twice because the traffic in C5 while going uphill on the bridge was already worse and a batch of these damn cycle drivers keep on squeezing through between my bumper and the edge of the bus on the lane on my left. To make matters worse, my right is also infested with motorcycles and bikers who think giving enough space across the vehicle is a sign of weakness. I have a word invented for these drivers: BORATE which is a hybrid from words meaning dick-heads and worms.

Taking lives is never a good thing but I wouldn’t really mind if some of these daredevils gets some jumpstart in getting to hell faster than the rest of us.