My wife liked it but as she reasoned out she did not have any expectations since she is not familiar with the Marvel universe. I on the other hand think the movie treatment is so-and-so.

I haven’t gone through the whole Origins comic series since I delayed finishing it when I heard there was a movie coming out which they say stays true to the comics but now I am a bit skeptical. I have to admit that Wolverine’s history was at par with what I know so far like the claws really being bones and the relationship with SilverFox, but am a bit disappointed with the amount of artistic liberties that was needed to warp the story into something that is fit to be filmed. I would have preferred that the movie contained less “high-profile” mutant characters rather than mix and jumble them together into a hodge-podge alternate universe setting. There was a huge set of material between the Weapon X project (which AFAIK is a Canadian initiative) and the time that Wolverine starts to join the X-Men.

Oh, damn that was the geek in me talking but some of the artistic liberties really rankled on the comic universe faithful. SilverFox having tactile persuasion? Sabretooth behaving like Aliens when attacking? Deadpool being created the way he was in the movie?


But I assume I will be watching the next Marvel movie adaptation as well. I am a whore for geek punishment. 🙁