8:40am – started backing out of the garage to start a hectic day. No breakfast as the instant noodles was already bad. 🙁
8:50am – got stuck in traffic right after getting out of the subdivision. It turned out that we were just in time to get cut-off by a funeral session. Went into a tirade why I hate funeral processions.
9:10am – arrived at the Parkway fresh market to drop the clothes at the laundry. Cursed the market administrator for closing the driveway with tiangge stalls.
9:15am – drove out to the main highway just to get caught up in another traffic jam. I initially thought it was caused by the funeral procession but it turned out that there was an accident a kilometer from Pantok. I still like blaming the funeral procession though.
9:30am – got past the accident area. Resumed cursing the inconsiderate jeepney drives. I really like driving, it increases and exercises my cursing vocabulary.
10:20am – dropped Neth in front of the Cityland Shaw tower for the doctor’s appointment. I was going to park in Megamall so she will go ahead to get her name listed in the queue. We already have an appointment but for some reason the secretary insists that everything is still on a first-come-first-served basis. It kinda defeats the whole idea of creating an appointment, doesn’t it?
10:30am – entered the Megamall open parking area and spent two minutes waiting for a high-end car maneuver and take two slots. I finally gave up waiting and backed off to an empty slot on the next row.
10:40am – after walking back to the Shaw building and entering the doctor’s clinic, Neth informed me that she was already finished with the checkup. If I had known she was the first there then I would have stayed in Megamall and waited for her there. 🙁
11:05am – we were back in Megamall and decided to eat at Red Kimono since we have it in our sights to eat there (actually in the Fort but who keeps tab on exact locations?). We, and by we I meant me, decided to go for the “eat all you can buffet” option.
12:00NN – Crawled out of RedKimono after ravaging two miso soups, one plate of crunchy maki, 4 crumbling gyozas, one kettle of beef kamameshi rice, two chicken yakitori sticks, noks, 5 shrimp tempura (it was too small to be prawn) , one plate of salmon/cream cheese maki, and one pork ribs teriyaki. The pork teriyaki and gyoza were not that good. Everything else was perfect. The bill ended up costing somewhere around Php1250 since I also had a bottomless drink. A bit pricey for lunch but definitely worth it.:)
12:15PM – We arrived at the Megaclinic to get a referral for a derma consultation.
1:30PM – We were done with the derma consultation which only took around 5 minutes.

Originally we had a Dental cleaning appointment for 3-5pm in Cainta but we had it moved in a satellite clinic in Ortigas so we had some time to burn. We did some window shopping in Megamall until 2:30pm.

2:45pm – we were already in the Medical plaza to wait for our dentist to arrive there.
3:20pm – our dentist finally arrived at the clinic.
4:45pm – Neth and I were already done so we started the trek to Megamall.
5:00pm – We already started doing our grocery. We initially planned to do it in SM Taytay since we would be coming from Cainta but due to the change of plans we did it there to save time.
6:00pm – Grocery was done so we started the drive going to Angono.
7:15pm – Stopped at the Bonsai carwash in Angono to have Ava (our Avanza unit) cleaned up. This is the time wherein I whipped out the RedKimono giveaway menu and computed the total costs of what we have eaten to see if we came out ahead. Turned out we did because the total amount was around Php1495. 🙂
7:45pm – We went to the nearby Scrapyard restaurant for dinner. I ordered Kalderetang Itik while Neth ordered Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso. Imagine our surprise when they finally served the food: it was good for 5 people!
8:45pm – we were done with our dinner with some takehome leftovers for tomorrow. The whole dinner course costed us Php361. Not bad.
9:30pm – we were backed at home and after arranging the groceries and cleaning up we hit the bed.
10:00pm – I had this notion of upgrading the wordpress version of this blog to 2.8. Thankfully the automatic upgrade script worked and even the automatic upgrade of the plugins returned! yipeee!
10:10pm – I had this idea of writing this blog.
10:30pm – The time when I finally finished this sentence with enough seconds to spare to click on the publish button.

I am going to sleep. It has been a tiring day…