hodge-podge: n a motley assortment of things.

That describes the breakfast I prepared today: guisadong burong mustasa (sauteed fermented mustard leaves), beef longganisa, garlic fried rice w/ star margarine, and then topped with tarragon tea. There is no binding theme except that they were all spur of the moment decisions and what is available.


The beef longganisa was bought from our grocery trip yesterday, and it only made it because I haven’t tried that combination before. It’s an average tasting fare but I didn’t really expect it to compete with the venerable Cabanatuan longganisa (sorry my Ilocano friends, but your Vigan longganisa is a poor substitute. You just have the luxury of mass marketing. 😛 ). The burong mustasa is the last one from the batch we brought from Nueva Ecija five weeks ago. It’s a bit salty but this preparation got my wife to taste and like this delicacy. Plus I finally got to do something with the pots of tarragon that grows in the front-garden. 🙂

I am still smarting from the breakfast but there are some left-overs that will make it to lunch. 🙂