Work status

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Trabahong di nauubos. Mga taong nauupos.

Mga pinuno’y nagagalit. Dahil kalidad daw ay nawawaglit.

D’yan isa lang ang aking masasabi, ******** ginusto ba? Pagpupunyagi ba ay kulang pa?

Work-induced vomitting

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During this lifetime I have heard people say a few times that their work is too stressful that they want to vomit. I didn’t realize that this morning it would be a literal thing for me. 🙁

I went to sleep at around midnight after a healthy dose of boring reading material (aka project work package aka contract) for some big shot discussions this week. At around 2AM I suddenly awoke with a jerk with the words UAT[1] in my mouth and the feeling of having a lot of bile in my throat. Thankfully the trash bin was on my side of the bed so I swiped the cover open and started dry-heaving on it. The icky and rough feeling on my throat was not going away so I ended up drinking a lot of water and munching on fried and salted corn kernels to get the taste of bile away.

Now I can, with credibility, say that I can relate next time I hear somebody say they are sick and tired of their work that they want to vomit. 🙂

[1] User Acceptance Test