Most things they said are sweeter the second time around, but having snake visitors is not among them. After more than 4 years, our house had another snake visitor. Neth is the lucky one to have found it and this time it is between the door and the door jamb leading to the side laundry area. She couldn’t close the door and frantically called me when she finally realized what is jammed in between.

Not wanting to have a repeat of the in-house hide and seek, I opted to forcefully close the door and pin the snake in between. I was hoping that it will have its head out in the open but when I circled around the house I only saw its tail and a part of its body wriggling on the other side of the door. I don’t want to risk it causing more panic in the house and I am not equipped to handle snakes so I took the garden shears and cut the exposed body part into two. Hopefully by tomorrow the snake will already be dead and it would be easy to dispose it.

Sorry snake brethren, you shouldn’t have picked our house as your vacation spot. 🙁

[Nov-7 update] I got pictures! Pardon the quality as they are taken by my aging K618i phone. 🙂

Laid out