The universe really wants to flaunt the universal truth in front of my face. Two clich├ęs come to mind this afternoon:

  • Accidents happen anytime, anywhere.
  • Accidents are most likely to occur near at home.

At around 1:30PM today, a metal bar came flying at us from a roadside demolition job that didnt have any barricades or safety nets against debris. One second I saw the construction worker dismantling the bar at the second level and the next thing I know I was hitting the brakes as the bar is already in the road and in our way. This is what came at us:

And thankfully the brakes limited the damage to the headlight and the front fender. It could have been worse as a second too late and it would have crashed through our windshield.

Now I have to go to the construction site tomorrow and settle how the contractors will pay for fixing this. Even though my car looks dirty[1], all repairs and maintenance are handled by the car dealer casa. And no way I can afford to get the car unusable for a few days for the next 3 weeks as I need it for the everyday errands that seems to sprout up like mushrooms.

[1] the dust cover you see is is a result of 1 day travelling along kilometers of under-construction road from Binangonan to Manila and vice versa.

**UPDATE 8/31** The site is being contracted to D. R. Robles Construction. Their site foreman, a certain Dennis Bonifacio (09157069096), is a man whose word is worthless. After agreeing to talk on the morning of 10/31 he is a no-show and is already dodging my calls.
**UPDATE 9/5** The D.R. Robles Construction secretary told me that they are going to pay the damages but I need to fork up the money first and submit the receipt to them. Now I need to figure out the optimal weekend (and Monday) that we can afford losing access to the vehicle while it is being repaired.