Sorry Ybi

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It breaks my heart but you we will have to wait a little bit longer. 🙁

Clamoring for attention

Leo is ecstatic. He gets to be my b*tch slave for a while longer.


I wish I can go home early tomorrow and setup Ybi. 🙂

NOTE: Aybi (I-vy) is short for Aybarra. All of my machines are male. My wife already has to contend being second fiddle to my machines, giving them female names would just be adding salt to the wound. 😉


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That feeling of waking up after a short afternoon nap, alone and with the light of the room slowly being rescinded as day turns to night.

Gloomy room

Time passes by in technology

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I spent 5 minutes explaining a scripting issue with a junior member of my team when he asked what the CR and LF characters in the comments section was.

I briefly explained that it stands for Carriage Return and Line Feed but I saw the still puzzled look on his face,  the type that was trying to digest something very unfamiliar.  I decided to explain further, with matching actions, that those were based in the activities in the typewriter that you need to go to the starting of the line (carriage return)  and pushing a lever to add a new line (line feed).

I looked at my young grasshopper and saw the puzzled look became a perplexed one.  It was then that I realized the mistake that I made so I asked the next probable question which is “have you had the chance to use a manual typewriter before? ” The answer was a quick No.

I had to laugh since he is basically a fresh grad and in his early twenties. I am on my early thirties and am amazed at what a decade of difference would make in terms of technology.
I wonder how soon it would be before the future graduates are unable to grasp the concepts used as basis for ubiquitous things in technology such as using one or two characters to go to the next line on the document.  🙂