Two jumping “healthy” nieces and a cookie-cutter bedframe made out of rubber wood is not a good combination.

The wood around the hole was badly splintered that the metal bracket doesnt have anything to hold onto. I was thinking of plugging the hole with some saw dust mixed with epoxy but wanted to check if there is an easier way. A short google on quick fixes returned a few links stating that when fixing soft woods the filler needs to be made also from soft-wood otherwise a hardwood filler can turn into a wedge and cause the whole wood to crack. That is where the match sticks come into play as these are the readily available soft wood that I have in the house. On to the fix procedures:

  • Gathered the required tools and materials: A box of matches, scissors and some quick dry epoxy (optional)
  • Cut the heads of the match sticks. This is a safety precaution as I dont want to take the chance that these will accidentally ignite in the future.
  • Cram as many headless match sticks as you can on the gaping hole. Trim the excesses and you can optionally apply the epoxy so the match sticks will be firmly attached to each other.
  • Align and screw on the brackets.

Since the screws are harder than the match sticks and there are gaps in the filling then the screw will actually create its own hole and compress the match sticks even further. This quick fix was able to handle my 210lbs weight without budging. My brother-in-law has slept in that bed overnight without any crashing incident. 🙂