Radio huhs?

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  • A SMS message flashing on a very early TV-Radio show:

    “Pakigising naman po si [] … ” (“Please wake up [name]…”)

    I am still wondering how mass media can do that to a sleeping person unless their TV/Radio has a programmable alarm and they have perfectly timed it that it will go off at the exact time that message was posted. It would have been easier to just call that person’s phone or somebody from the same household.

    Here is your card….

  • A radio news anchor broadcasting the latest news about a potentially strong incoming storm:

    “May posibilidad na lumihis ang bagyo papuntang Taiwan. Magdasal tayo na sana lumihis nga at hindi na tamaan ang North Luzon.” (“There is a possibility that the storm’s path will deviate to Taiwan. Let’s pray that it will do so and miss the North Luzon area.”)

    I understand what the news anchor intends to convey but somehow the sequencing of the sentence was not right. Unless the $DEITY is the mischievous Loki, I don’t think it is right to pray that you pass on the suffering to your neighbor.


Feeling stupid

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A common computer prank is to take a screenshot of an unattended Windows desktop, configure the desktop to hide all shortcuts and the taskbar (for more kicks, move it in the left or right side) and then set the screenshot as the wallpaper. The pranksters then wait on the wing for the unsuspecting user to keep on clicking the applications in the screenshot and scratch their head why nothing is happening.

There is another behavior that makes this prank effective: tunnel vision. If using a big screen then people would have a tendency to zoom in on the middle portion and not pay much attention on the edges unless really needed. This and my work on “environment support” ensures that I make an ass of myself once a week. I normally take desktop screenshots when working with different applications. I usually position the different application windows in such a way that all the information are in a little portion of the screen. I then past the screenshot in mspaint, select the portion I need and send it to the other support team.

And then I move on to the next task and sometimes I forget closing the mspaint. Sometimes the mspaint window ends up getting the focus and then I start clicking on the the app window buttons or menus and wonder why nothing is happening. It is only after a few seconds that I notice the palette on the left side, or the title bar at the top. That is the time I press alt+f4 with a vengeance for using part of my 5-minutes of daily foolishness at that moment. 🙂

Just letting out some steam and sharing as this is the second time that it happened to me this week.


Almost a huh

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This conversation almost made it to my “huh” page if not it was intended to massacre the English language.

For those who don’t have access to the Picasa web albums, here is the transcript.

Alvin… paps
Alvin… r u gym?
Alvin… even though r u cook
Allan… i’m sure not

Too bad rejected it when I submitted it. 😀


Extra-terrestial browser

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Existence of extra-terrestial browser has been confirmed when visitors from outer space left clues to what tool they use when surfing the intergalactic information super-highway…

Credits to Ariz and Gideon for providing the links!



Looney song

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[Update Dec 2019 : replaced the dead links with a youtube counterpart]

I just popped into the Mandriva Users board and flashed through my thousand new posts and saw this link: [dead link]

It’s supposed to be a Finnish folk song that is looped with Japanese Manga animation . It is supposed to either cheer you up, or make you gnash your teeth. I am ranking it next to the badger song. 😀


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