We saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night

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My wife liked it but as she reasoned out she did not have any expectations since she is not familiar with the Marvel universe. I on the other hand think the movie treatment is so-and-so.

I haven’t gone through the whole Origins comic series since I delayed finishing it when I heard there was a movie coming out which they say stays true to the comics but now I am a bit skeptical. I have to admit that Wolverine’s history was at par with what I know so far like the claws really being bones and the relationship with SilverFox, but am a bit disappointed with the amount of artistic liberties that was needed to warp the story into something that is fit to be filmed. I would have preferred that the movie contained less “high-profile” mutant characters rather than mix and jumble them together into a hodge-podge alternate universe setting. There was a huge set of material between the Weapon X project (which AFAIK is a Canadian initiative) and the time that Wolverine starts to join the X-Men.

Oh, damn that was the geek in me talking but some of the artistic liberties really rankled on the comic universe faithful. SilverFox having tactile persuasion? Sabretooth behaving like Aliens when attacking? Deadpool being created the way he was in the movie?


But I assume I will be watching the next Marvel movie adaptation as well. I am a whore for geek punishment. 🙁


Well worth the wait.

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Iron Man the movie is a great comic book adaptation at least for me and my wife. We just came home after watching it at Rockwell Cinema. The flow of the story was never dragging; never did I feel there was a dull moment even if I have watched each new trailer several times that I know what was going next in a few screens.

The movie was full of effects which is expected because *it is about IRON MAN*. Technology was his ability. Good thing the effects never overwhelmed the story and acting. Robert Downey Jr. was a perfect fit for Tony Stark’s character. He gave a realistic flamboyant performance where needed, and made Stark’s billionaire “i don’t care about you” attitude his own.

Most of Stark’s gadgets are enough to give any geek his technorgasm. Well apart from the Dell computers which is kind of a downer given most of Stark’s equipment was very futuristic. I very much liked the design surface table which does 3D interactive rendering. I wonder if I will live to the time that it will come become feasible for the every day Juan to own one. 🙂

Right now I am considering if I like Iron Man better than Batman Begins. Is it too much to ask for both? 😉

I am watching it again once I get hold of a DVD copy. 🙂


Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am!

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Last Saturday my wife and I went to Robinson’s Galleria to get some well needed RnR. Since we were on a diet and it was burger day,we were planning to leave the car in the parking lot and scoot to the Greenhills area to eat dinner at Brother’s Burger (since their branch in Rockwell has already closed shop). But since we got out late and I spied there was a new Wham! Burgers branch in 4th floor, we decided to eat there instead. Previously we were only able to eat Wham! burgers at Shangri-la Edsa.

We both ordered double whammies, two perfectly charbroiled burgers dripping with succulent juice, with some tomatoes, lettuce and on a soft sesame bun. I don’t know what happened with my burger but it disappeared somewhere in less than five minutes. I ended up sharing my wife’s burger. /lol

I am still debating whether Brother’s Burger or Wham! has the best burgers. But we will definitely eat there again on the 21st when we finally pick up the replacement for Betsy.

And oh, we watched the Transformers movie after to pass away the traffic. Great movie, and I can’t add anything that has not yet been said before. 😀


Its not about the ending

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Last night we watched “Music & Lyrics” which is another feel-good movie. I really liked the humor of the film but my wife doesn’t. She said she prefers “The Holiday” which is another feel-good movie we watched a couple of weeks ago.

I like both films but I feel they are not comparable. My wife said that M&L is too predictable but feel-good movies are not about the ending. Endings are just icing on the cake for these type of films, what is important is the journey and how the story developed to reach that predictable ending. M&L was the fast-paced story type while TH is more of a “keep you guessing what more they could squeeze in before you have to face the ending” type of story. On both types the viewers are already aware that there are only two endings: a happy one or a sad one, and I never doubted that both movies will opt for the happy one.

I don’t know if this is valid but when I saw the trailer for M&L in the movies there was a scene where Hugh’s character(?) said (in typically haughty british accent) “Oh my god, you are killing the song…” which was pretty funny. I didn’t notice it in the movie last night though so I don’t know if they edited it out, I missed it, or I am purely delusional.

Anyway, add those movies in your feel-good movie list. In mine, they accompany “Click” and “40 first dates”. Adam Sandler makes good movies of this type, well most of the time. 🙂


A good year, a good film


Last night Neth got two premiere tickets[1] to A Good Year which stars Russel Crowe. The movie premise is simplistic, even predictable, but I find the overall story development as excellently done. A feel good movie that left me with a good feeling. 🙂

The setting helped a lot on creating a very enticing atmosphere. Who in their right minds would pass living the simple but great life? I wish I was rich enough to afford an early retirement to a laid-back life. *sigh*

If you are looking for a movie to watch then put this in your list. There is a lot of English humor but that wont stop you from enjoying the movie.

[1] Last minute benefits of working for a company administering a mall. 😀


With Honors

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I watched the film With Honors yesterday and since there is nothing else on the TV I placed it in the background while I was working on my TMA. Although I caught it on HBO a few time I have not seen the beginning.

The film couldn’t have a better timing. I have been thinking about my stay in UPOU, and my exasperations. Time and again I have stated that I am not taking it up for the degree. I am in it for the learning. But what have I learned during my 1.5 year stay? I would have to say a little because most have been a rehash of what I have already known from lurking from a few mailing lists. Aside from the course that teaches the concepts of assembly languages I cant remember a single thing that I learned from the program.

I am already weighing stopping as an option. In the movie, Simon Wilder (Joe Pesci) said Monty (Brendan Frasier) is a loser and he (Simon) is not because he is a quitter. Simon also said that quitters are romantics, maybe because they try to validate why they quit. Somehow those words keep on coming back to me even during my commute to the office. If I am going to quit then the only romanticism that I will attribute it is that I am no longer enjoying what I do and it is time to move on.

I assume my wife is going to have my hide for posting that. She and others might say I am wasting resources and opportunity if I will quit. Maybe I am, maybe I am not. Paraphrasing what a friend told me over dinner a few nights ago “have we come to the point wherein we have to endure things just to survive?” She was talking about bland food at cafeterias so we answered at that point in time the answer to her question is a yes. If I relate this learning endeavour to that question, is the completion of this program really the same way? Will the answer still be ‘yes’? Do I need to complete this to survive? At my deathbed will I really die without having regrets about it? One thing is for sure, I wasted nothing because I met a few invaluable people whom I am happy to call as peers. Some might even want me as their friend! 🙂

I might already be being disillusioned, or even nearing burnout, so I guess the right route for me is to take a sabbatical to sort things through. I like learning and would not stop learning but I am beginning to think that I should have stayed with my previous career course: being a jack of some trades and master of none.


Not so fantastic

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Arvin, Francis and me watched the Fantastic 4 movie last night. The fantastic movie is not so fantastic, at least to me. The fact that I am a geek and know most Marvel superheroes might have been a factor. I still like the treatment of Batman begins over this ‘origin’ film of the Fantastic 4. This is supposed to be the first of a series, and hopefully the action and cinema magic will be better on the next round.

One thing I would give credit is that they have stayed (mostly) true to the comics.