My Audio/Podcast list

I don’t listen much to music primarily because I am “tone deaf” and also because there are a lot to learn that squandering my commute time (to and from the office) and mechanical time (or when I dont need to be creative when doing something) feels like a crime. By 2017, almost all people have smart phones that are capable of playing audio files and connecting to the Internet so at this point I will just tell people to go to their mobile phone’s application store and get a decent podcatcher app.

My preferred app is ShiftyJelly’s PocketCast which has a free offering but I use it so much that I paid for a full license which has been worth every centavo. A decent podcast app would have a discover/search functionality otherwise you can check out stitcher’s free app or the iTunes store. Worst case scenario is to download the episodes directly and transfer them to you audio player.

Enough of that, here is my current list sorted by their category.

    Agile Software Development and Process Improvement

  • Agile Toolkit
  • Software Engineering Radio
  • Software Process and Measurement Cast (SPaMCast)
  • The Agile Coffee Podcast


  • Arrested DevOps
  • DevOps Cafe
  • DevOps Days
  • DevOps Mastery

    Tech/Geeky stuff

  • All about android
  • Cloud Weekly
  • FLOSS Weekly
  • KnowHow [Video]
  • Note to Self – the tech show about being human
  • Security Now
  • The Cloudcast (.net) – Weekly Cloud Computing Podcast
  • This Week in Enterprise Tech

    Financial Knowledge

  • Andew Mitchem talks FOREX
  • Forex Training – Trade Smarter Not Harder
  • Money For the Rest of Us
  • Online Forex Trading Course
  • Online Trading (Financial Broadcasting Network)
  • Radical Personal Finance
  • The Trading Lifestyule Podcast


  • Carnegie Coach
  • Coaching for Leaders
  • The Look & Sound of Leadership

    Non-Technical but Still Informative

  • 60-SECOND Science – what is new in the scientific horizon, in 1-2 minute soundbytes
  • Freakanomics Radio
  • Good Job, Brain!
  • Question of the Day – currently in hiatus or possibly ended state.
  • Tell Me Something I Dont Know – spin-off from QotD

    Humor and Miscellany

  • Comedy Central (Video)
  • Good Times with Mo
  • Machong Chismisan – in hiatus


    Podcasts that I have listened to in the past but have put on hold for one reason or another.

  • The Dave Ramsey Show – the show revolves Dave’s 7 baby steps to get out of debt. The daily show is fun but for a long time listener the 3 1-hour episodes is time I could devote in whittling down my growing backlog of pending podcast episodes.
  • Twit’s Before you buy – for listening on tech gadgets on the horizon. I keep their RSS on my reader and just download the episodes that I am interested in.
  • Twit’s The Giz Wiz – like Before You Buy but for listening on tech “junk”.
  • Twit’s This Week in Google – unsubscribed because this is better listened to on the week the episode was published. I don’t see that happening often.
  • Twit’s Windows Weekly – Microsoft news. I get my MS-related news via tech sites. Plus I am a Linux Geek. Enough said.

Podcast listening helps in training my ears with different accents and verbal nuances (which is useful in my line of work). I don’t retain everything I hear but if I get one or two points from each podcast then its worth the listening time. If you don’t have any specific genre in mind then TED and Ignite talks are also a good way to listen to interesting stuff every now and then.


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