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The camera phone might not have captured it properly but the picture below is meant to capture the dusk of a stormy day.

Tamang pananalita: Top One at Top Three

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Tagalugin ko para mas magkaintindihan.

Kung sa pagmamalaki sa iyong anak ay ipinangangalandakan mong siya ay “Top One” ay ibig sabihin ay TANGA KA. Oo matalino ang anak mo pero kitang-kita na di nagmana sa iyo. Mabuti na lang mareremedyuhan pa yang katangahan na yan. Maipapayo ko sumabay ka pag grammar ang lesson. Mas mahaba lang sabihin pero subukan mong sabihin na “Top of the class” ang iyong anak. Ito ay isang tanggap na idiyoma (idiom) para sa isang nangunguna sa pangkat.

Ngayon kung sakaling di naman siya ang nangunguna pero kasama sa grupo ng mga nangununa sa kanilang klase ay huwag mo naman sabihing halimbawa na “top three”  ang anak mo. Hindi naman triplets yan kasi di mo naman sinabing “mga” anak mo. Third of his/her class ang tamang pananalita na kailangang gamitin, o kung ano mang pwesto ang kinabibilangan nya. Pwede din sabihin na “kasama siya sa top five” kung gusto mong magpakumbaba at hindi tahasang sabihin kung ano ang pwesto ng anak mo (pwedeng siya ang una o pang-lima). Pero pakiusap, itigil na sana sa ikasampu. Kung lagpas na sa sampu ay wag ng ipagpilitan para lang makapagyabang. Suportahan mo na lang ang anak mo kung gusto nyang umabot at mapabilang sa “top ten” ng klase nya.

Huwag din sanang tawaging valedictorian o salutatorian ang inyong mga anak kung di naman pa siya graduating o gumradweyt ng elementary o high school. Meron lang iilang lebel o baitang ng pag-aaral na pwedeng gamitan nito. Saka ang valedictorian ay yung taong nagbibigay ng talumpating pamamaalam (valedictory coming from the root word valedictum o “pertaining to leave-taking”) habang ang salutatorian naman ang nagbibigay ng talumpating panimula (salutation). Nagkataon lamang na sa Pilipinas ang top two sa nakuhang grade point average ang binibigyan ng karangalan na gawin ang mga ito.

Ulitin natin:

  • Top One : para kang tanga pag ginagamit mo ito. Nangunguna sa laban na iisa lang ang kasali? Parang solitaryo lang ba?
  • Top three : gagamitin lang kung gusto mong ipatungkol ng sabay-sabay dun sa tatlong pinakamataas.
  • Valedictorian at Salutatorian : ginagamit lang sa mga miyembro o naging miyembro ng isang graduating class. Pwedeng isang mag-aaral, guro o kahit sinong bisita.

Ngayon kung estudyante ka pa pero gumagamit ka ng ganitong pananalita ay maipapayo ko na: anak mag-aral-aral din paminsan-minsan at hindi puro facebook at computer games lang ang inaatupag.


Smartbro Wimax sucks a little less tonight

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Instead of having no internet connection I have a very slow internet. How slow?

— ping statistics —
53 packets transmitted, 29 received, 45% packet loss, time 52000ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 4908.713/18702.236/32208.306/7853.188 ms, pipe 33

Yes, that is 5-32 seconds latency! If the site is not familiar to you that is what is being resolved by “”. That abysmal speed is leagues better than having no internet connection, right? It is as savory as like having a view of the beach from the safety of your prison cell.

I am Human

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I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today so I need to vent out and nitpick… 🙂

I want to reiterate the advocacy of minimizing the use of the word “resources” when referring to members of your team.

A resource is a finite, inanimate stock or tool. A hammer is a tool therefore it is a resource. My time and skills are resources but I don’t want to suffer the indignity of being categorized as a tool. I am neither a tool nor a resource; and I would appreciate not being abstracted to the same level as a computer. Computers are dumb, they can only follow instructions.

Use FTE to refer to the workload unit, but use team member, colleague, personnel or employee when referring to the human being. Respect the person doing the work. The IT industry may be being overhauled and optimized with automation, but this remains a creative industry and not a place for human automatons. Each member is unique and brings something special to the table.


I am tired and not satisfied…


I have just came out from a long OTy[1] weekend, and when I said long I meant a 19-hour rally with 3 hours of sleep. All because the project I am with has once again been selected for a security audit and an internal audit will be conducted today.

The unplanned rally is caused by the short notice given to the project and the not-so-good state of our security documentation. Before somebody starts that it is our fault for not updating the security docs as we go along then please give us a charge number for that kind of work before you start pointing fingers. In typical corporate wheedling and cajoling, they (meaning the powers that be, or the power trippers as i call them) say that these should be part of the “continuous improvement” (CI) budget of the project. REALITY CHECK: WHAT CI BUDGET? We are on a fixed time arrangement with the client and just trying telling the client that “we would allocate a portion of the time you bought to spend on security work that is not part of the contract you signed, and thank you for understanding.”. Couple this with the fact that we are running overbudget for the things that the client actually paid for! It doesn’t take a super sleuth to figure out that we are between a hard rock and a PHB.

To make matters worse, I am not satisfied with the output because we are tasked to churn out security documentations “aligned” with the corporate “version”. No thank you because

  • I don’t believe the return of investment on those documentations is significant.
  • The template documents provided are either not enough or an overkill.
  • The person who created those template documents should stop using PCP. Reformatting them to look professional entails too much work.I reserve the right to save my co-team members from the atrocities of using too much colors in a document, and loud ones at that.
  • If I am going to churn out security measures, then I will at least have the decency of believing those are practical and not just for show.

Why did I go through it? Because of pressure to pass the audit since the whole office accreditation can go up in smoke for failing the external auditors, and I don’t have the heart to add more stress on my manager. She already has enough problems on her plate regarding the project going over-budget and CMMi (yes, that effectively makes it a four-letter word) demands for full compliance.

19 hours and we aren’t even halfway the 100% completion mark. I know I told my manager that what we are targeting now is just damage control but it is really disheartening whenever I see the completion ratio for the project. And after that I also need to consider going back to reality that I am also over-budget on the client deliverable that they want me to submit by end of this month. 🙁

End of rant for now. I need to check what else I can finish before the internal audit today.

[1] OTy, n., Short for O-Thank you, the free version of overtime.


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