Classroom fun


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A little imagination goes a long way in a classroom. I got this in my mail so Im posting it here. 🙂


thunder punch, akuma, fatality

I miss the wacky school days but wackiness does not end when you leave the halls of your alma mater. 🙂


I never was a good teacher…

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Experience is a hard teacher. And I think I am one of her students who idolizes her way of teaching.

I am never going to be a good teacher. I just dont have the gift. I may be good in some things that I do but that is just about it. I always experience difficulty in conveying my message across and that frustrates not only the student but myself as well.

I have always believed that books only give you theories and principles that you will forget the moment you put the book away. I am a staunch believer that a lesson learned through hands-on experience stays longer on the learner’s memory and has fast recall because it has other memories associated with it.

Warning to those who know me, never make me your teacher, mentor or tutor. I would gladly answer questions but dont expect that I will give you easy answers. I also dislike repetitive questions especially if the person asking did not exert any effort to learn, or if they only exerted the barest minimum. Knowledge should be for everyone, but it is not a package that you will wait to arrive at your doorstep. Like all good things, it is something that we need to strive for in order to experience its wonders.

Don’t learn through me, I am a sorry excuse of an example. Learn with me so that we will both enjoy the journey for I too am yearning for knowledge, no matter how useless they may seem at this time. 🙂


Am strikes back

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Once you have it you will never lose it.

Sounds good to be true, but I wish it was not the case with amoebiasis. That is what you get for drinking water from unknown sources, especially in the rural areas. It has been more than ten years and still I am afflicted with this burden. I thought my digestive system was already normal since I don’t get to experience LBM often (I attribute that to the lessening of the frequency that I eat at fast food since I got married) but now it seems that my digestive system needs to adjust to the Finn food sphere, and especially with my cooking.

Good thing I brought two mats of the ever trusty polymagma. I just hope it would work sooner. My bottom is already hurting from the frequent trips. 🙁


Not so fantastic

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Arvin, Francis and me watched the Fantastic 4 movie last night. The fantastic movie is not so fantastic, at least to me. The fact that I am a geek and know most Marvel superheroes might have been a factor. I still like the treatment of Batman begins over this ‘origin’ film of the Fantastic 4. This is supposed to be the first of a series, and hopefully the action and cinema magic will be better on the next round.

One thing I would give credit is that they have stayed (mostly) true to the comics.


Bath dilemma: Soap or Scrub?


This has been plaguing me on and off during the past few years. Since childhood I was instructed that when taking a bath, it is proper to scrub first before soaping. I thought it made sense because you are removing the grime first before applying the cleansing properties of whatever soap you are using.

Until I read a health column discussing the action made by the soap. The writer (a dermatologist, if I remember it correctly) discussed that what soap do is basically dissolve the oily cover of the grime so it could be washed more easily by water. This is the reason why water alone is not enough to cleanse our skin. If we follow that logic, then wouldnt it make more sense to soap our body first to breakdown these oily shields then scrub afterwards?

Or soap first, then scrub, then soap again. The downside is you are wasting too much water in the process. 🙁

But then again, some people dont even take a bath daily. While some just dont have that privilege.


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