Adieu to a dependable team

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Tonight marked a sad day for me for I had to say goodbye to a dependable team who have worked so well together and have accompanied me through a lot of happy and sad times. I admit that I have not been paying them much attention lately but at the back of my mind they are always something that would be there if I need them to help me get back on my feet.

Today is the day that I was informed that KFC has switched to Coca-cola products. My 2-piece hot&crispy chicken, large coleslaw and extra rice would have to do with another wingman as Mountain Dew has moved on to another place. Of course they can still get together sometimes for reunions but it would never be the same as when they emerged together from the same counter.



Marker for the 13th year: rescued from Friendster


Today marks the 13th contiguous year I am with my wife:6 years in a bf/gf relationship and 7 years as a married couple. We didn’t have anything spectacular planned although we had a very nice dinner last Friday at Bistecca courtesy of a gift certificate, and an impromptu spa session yesterday sandwiched during our weekly grocery run (how romantic! 🙂 ).

It is said that couples in a long-term relationship either get sick of each other and start growing apart; or they become so comfortable with each other and go into a mode of complacency. I think we belong to the former category, at least for the comfortable part. Nothing would rationally explain how we can stand the stink bombs randomly emanating out of our toilet. For the record, I am not saying who creates what. 😉

Back on the discussion course, has something changed during all these years of being together? I remembered that during the days Friendster was new, giving a testimonial was a pretty big thing for me. I only spent time giving it to people who really matter. Friendster is for all original intent and purposes dead but I decided to login and recover the testimonial I gave my (then) soon-to-be wife. I decided on rescuing that testimonial and give it a new home: this blog. Here is the testimonial given/posted on November 25, 2003 5:07PM:

How do I describe her? I will surely
fail but I will definitely try...

She is the reason why I see the world in
a whole different light. She provides
the contrast in my life; she is my
strength and my weakness; the person who
can send chills down my spine but
radiate warmth during my trying times;
she can make me laugh and shed tears
like nobody else could. She is my best friend
and confidante. Simply put, my better
half, my passion-embraced. She is my
little spitfire. Her diminutive frame
belies her strong grip on my heart. I
feel so lucky to be blessed by such a woman.

I love you my labsc. I am looking
forward to living the rest of my life
with you.

In case you are curious, what was posted there still holds. I only added some typo correction since now I can. This is my marker for the 13th year of a relationship that started on a 13th day. Too bad today couldn’t have fallen on a Friday like the original date as that would be pure coincidence awesomeness. 🙂



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“If the sky is high and the carabaos can fly, how many bananas are left?”

A riddle I found from the Inquirer circa 1994. I dedicate this to Babs na Babs, bsMouth and JoyaBongga. 😉

Remove empty directories using *nix find

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find -depth -type d -empty -exec rmdir {} ;

The -depth parameter tells find to start from the innermost directory first and work its way to the top level.