They call it differently

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My wife’s nieces are staying with us for a week. While watching TV, an ad was played showing a senator commandering and pedaling a commuter tri-bike in a poverty-stricken area while spouting lines that roughly translate to “I will take care of you”. The 10-year old niece nonchalantly and innocently looked up and asked “Tito, eleksyon na ba?” (“Uncle, is it election time already?”).

And they are passing those ads as what again?

Eathtainer: pot gardening made more efficient

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Lifehacker had an article on these Earthtainers which basically converts any plastic containers into a water-efficient pot.

The novel concept is using the capillary properties of soil which in layman’s terms mean that the soil will sip the water into the plant’s root system. This will make watering more efficient as all water (sans evaporation) will go into the plant and not drip into unused soil.

The instructions to build this container is freely distributed but a little daunting for non-DIYers like me. The quoted price of the whole thing is around US$20 but that is because they used some pretty sturdy materials. I don’t see any problem doing this in a smaller scale using the KFC chicken buckets and some smaller tubs (e.g. yogurt or icecream cups) with lots of holes as wicker baskets. It might not be as pretty or as massive but it will be definitely more applicable for people with smaller area.