Bad day?

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Some people would dislike rainy days like the ones currently being experienced by most of the Luzon area here in the Philippines. But that is not me, I prefer rainy days than sunny days. Sunny days are always linked to cheerful days but I associate it with days of pain and itchiness and sweat.

I think part of that preference stems from two facts:

1) I am a bonafide introvert (aka lazy).  I would rather be inside the house than go out. Some might argue that rains bring out the worst traffic in the metropolis but I encounter those on any workday. At least during rainy seasons I dont swelter in the heat. 😛

2) Ever since I came from my first assignment to Helsinki, my body thermostat is way off. I guess -22 C can do that to your body. Now I have a high tolerance to cold (to the chagrin of my wife who seems to despise any temperature below 27 C) but a low tolerance to heat and humidity. It was not always this way since during my student years I am the one who goes in the middle of the field when harvest seasons come and I could hold my ground by being baked under the sun the whole day.

Yep, rainy days are not gloomy days for me. Especially if I can stay at home, lazily lounging in bed, looking at the rain drops splattering at the closed window, and cuddling with my wife. I could never ask for anything better…


Wanted: Optical trackballs


I am currently on the hunt for a good optical trackball for use here in the office. Apprently trackballs are a dying breed in today’s computer marketplace. I have hit a couple of online computer stores here in the Metro and nobody carries any trackball, even the non-optical kind. I also went to TipidPC to see if any enterprising individuals is offering or offloading an optical trackball. Nada, not even a single trackball hit.

I have also scoured the Glorietta shops since that is the nearest mall in the office and the only thing I saw was an overpriced Logitech wired trackball that seems to belong to the first generation of pointing devices.

Hopefully I can see a good trackball when we go malling this weekend . Neth still owes her nieces and nephew a trip to ‘Hall of Asia‘. 🙂




The blog spammers are here, and hitting this blog at the rate of 20 spam messages per day. Calling these spammers as pesky mosquitoes is not apt. They are more like rabid dogs that have already bitten to a bone and would not let go.

*Sigh* time to clean up, or turn off the automatic notification so I dont get so much spam confirmation on my mailbox. 🙁