Woe my aching legs and back

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Right now my leg muscles hurt. Every single one. The last time I felt something similar to this was when we watched the E’heads concert. My lower back also hurts but that is something to be expected. The bedroom now stinks from the menthol-laced oil that I applied to ease the pain. 🙁

The reason for the pain was I had to stand up most of the day during the Agile methodology introduction that I co-facilitated. My physique is really not something that can tolerate standing up most of the time. Now I realize that aside from the time that I had willingly sacrificed for the training session, I now have to unwittingly sacrifice some more to the pain.

In retrospect I can say that I regret being the primary facilitator for the training. I don’t like speaking engagements because I am not confident enough to put into words what I am thinking, much less in my non-native language. Thankfully the audience today was very forgiving and the mood was relatively light. Jon who co-facilitated the training with me has me enthralled in his public speaking prowess. He seems very at ease in handling the audience and that is something that I would like to possess someday.

I am looking forward in seeing the feedback as I know this impromptu shepherd has lost some sheep along the day’s journey. But for now I would settle in looking forward to some reprieve from the pain.

Sleep, my mistress, I bid you to claim me tonight in your bosom and provide some relief. Please don’t let that mischievous Cramps worm his way into our union as he will definitely wreck havoc for tomorrow if he gets his way…


Only if you were greedy

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One thing I hate about all of these unlimited SMS promo is that it has increased the amount of spam text messages that I receive in my mobile. It is not uncommon for me to receive at least one per week as the barrier for spamming has been greatly reduced.

Here is the most recent 319ish spam message that I got split into logical sentences to ease the English and human-speak translation.

E2 bago # ko. / Here is my new number.
musta na kau? / How are you?
ok lang naman ako dito. / I am alright here.
may ipapadala ako sa inyo mga gmit! / I have some stuff to send you!
mer0n ka d0n.. / You have a reserved item there..
pakiloadn mo nga muna ng 300.. / Can you please load 300 (credits) to this number…
imp0rtante lang. thanx. / It’s just important. Thanks,.

The Filipino language is very intimate and respectful so the things that might not be readily discernible that the sender was always using the plural form of you to denote that (s)he is talking about the recipient’s family.

My alarm bells got tripped mainly by the fact that I don’t know the sender’s number and there is no mention of any name that will tell me that I really know the person who sent the message. It just banked on two things: getting on the Filipino’s family-oriented nature to get credibility and respect, and the human nature’s penchant for greed.

As with all spam operations, the rate of “biters” is very little so if every text message sent is equal to one peso then the ROI for SMS spamming is a very steep curve. The telco promotions cured that financial barrier as one night of unlimited SMS sending capabilities can cost as little as Php25. A crafty spammer only needs to hook up a phone to a computer and begin blasting these messages in the hope of catching one or two gullible greedy souls.

For those who did bite, I can’t say I empathize with you as you only have your greed to blame.


We saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night

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My wife liked it but as she reasoned out she did not have any expectations since she is not familiar with the Marvel universe. I on the other hand think the movie treatment is so-and-so.

I haven’t gone through the whole Origins comic series since I delayed finishing it when I heard there was a movie coming out which they say stays true to the comics but now I am a bit skeptical. I have to admit that Wolverine’s history was at par with what I know so far like the claws really being bones and the relationship with SilverFox, but am a bit disappointed with the amount of artistic liberties that was needed to warp the story into something that is fit to be filmed. I would have preferred that the movie contained less “high-profile” mutant characters rather than mix and jumble them together into a hodge-podge alternate universe setting. There was a huge set of material between the Weapon X project (which AFAIK is a Canadian initiative) and the time that Wolverine starts to join the X-Men.

Oh, damn that was the geek in me talking but some of the artistic liberties really rankled on the comic universe faithful. SilverFox having tactile persuasion? Sabretooth behaving like Aliens when attacking? Deadpool being created the way he was in the movie?


But I assume I will be watching the next Marvel movie adaptation as well. I am a whore for geek punishment. 🙁