Radio huhs?

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  • A SMS message flashing on a very early TV-Radio show:

    “Pakigising naman po si [] … ” (“Please wake up [name]…”)

    I am still wondering how mass media can do that to a sleeping person unless their TV/Radio has a programmable alarm and they have perfectly timed it that it will go off at the exact time that message was posted. It would have been easier to just call that person’s phone or somebody from the same household.

    Here is your card….

  • A radio news anchor broadcasting the latest news about a potentially strong incoming storm:

    “May posibilidad na lumihis ang bagyo papuntang Taiwan. Magdasal tayo na sana lumihis nga at hindi na tamaan ang North Luzon.” (“There is a possibility that the storm’s path will deviate to Taiwan. Let’s pray that it will do so and miss the North Luzon area.”)

    I understand what the news anchor intends to convey but somehow the sequencing of the sentence was not right. Unless the $DEITY is the mischievous Loki, I don’t think it is right to pray that you pass on the suffering to your neighbor.


Installing RTC 2.0 on a Windows Server 2003 machine


Installing RTC 2.0 client on the Win2003 machine provided by our customer is proving to be a challenge of patience and futility. I spent the better half of the day trying everything I can think of but:

– Using the bundled launchpad doesnt do anything: everything just quits without any warning or error.
– Invoking the launchpad using the parameters in the autorun.inf file () doesnt work.
– Invoking launchpad\launchpad.bat terminates with a wrong variable expansion.
– Invoking the various installer executable inside the win32 sub-directory produces a “Missing file install.xml” error and then will show the Installation Manager window. Unfortunately it cannot install anything even if the preference shows the repository to the RTC 2.0 extracted files are detected as “connected”.

I know the installer works because we have installed it fine on our WinXP workstations. The md5sum of the file in the Win2003 machine matches the one in our XP workstations.

Ready to give up and log a RTC bug, I did some more fiddling to gather more information and tried to download the web install even if it is going to be painful installing RTC on a slow and erratic connection. I got the same results.

Then I noticed that there were lots of files named install-[something].xml in the win32 directory but no install.xml file. An idea hit me and created a copy of the “install-client.xml” and renamed it to “install.xml”. I then executed the win32\install.exe and everything installed as expected.

And that concludes a whole-day wrangling on getting RTC 2.0 installed in the Win2003 server. Sometimes the best solutions are really those that hide under our noses. 🙁


Things I hate today


– The car owners from Green Ridge who turns left too early; and those who hog the opposite lane of the Barkadahan bridge. I hope you have a worst day than what I had today and for the rest of your $DEITY forsaken lives while you are inside any vehicle.
– The 3.5 hours commute to the office. We left at 5:10AM and arrived at 8:40AM.
– The Pasig rainforest route is still submerged in flood water. We can still see the water from the west bank of the floodway road.
– The cyclist who almost let himself get run over by a tricycle when he made an abrupt left to cross the street.The reason: some street vagrants are having an early morning drinking binge and they offered him a shot of Red Horse Beer.
– Pasig Blue Boys (traffic enforcers) who opened a counter-flow west bound but made sure those those came from under the Jenny’s avenue bridge would not be able to use it and get stuck in horrible traffic.
– Jeepneys, FX taxis and buses plying the Ortigas route who insists on weaving through the traffic and loading/unloading people in the middle of the road.
– Inconsiderate pricks who keeps on ejecting their sputum and saliva on the side of the overpass that I am using such that their bodily fluids are always aligned with my line of sight.
– The other inconsiderate prick who blew his/her breakfast on the landing of the said overpass.
– The bus driver from hell who drives pedal to the metal as soon as the last passenger steps on or off the bus. I know there are hand-rails but human beings are not designed to be standing upright when their inertia shifts from 0 to 40kph. Sideways.
– The $#@%# building administration who insists that sauna treatments are good for your health by making sure their ground floor hallways and elevators are a couple of degrees above the comfortable temperature.

And my work hours has only just started…