This has been plaguing me on and off during the past few years. Since childhood I was instructed that when taking a bath, it is proper to scrub first before soaping. I thought it made sense because you are removing the grime first before applying the cleansing properties of whatever soap you are using.

Until I read a health column discussing the action made by the soap. The writer (a dermatologist, if I remember it correctly) discussed that what soap do is basically dissolve the oily cover of the grime so it could be washed more easily by water. This is the reason why water alone is not enough to cleanse our skin. If we follow that logic, then wouldnt it make more sense to soap our body first to breakdown these oily shields then scrub afterwards?

Or soap first, then scrub, then soap again. The downside is you are wasting too much water in the process. 🙁

But then again, some people dont even take a bath daily. While some just dont have that privilege.