Who remembers or has even heard of David, the supposedly ingenious Filipino project that will enable Linux to run windows executable?

The first time the news of it came out only the ‘uninitiated’ bought it. Most ‘techies’ I have come across all cocked an eyebrow and muttered ‘Wine?’ SpecOps Labs insisted they did not use any Wine code but no techie worth his salt is biting. Why should they? To them David is nothing but vaporware that is going to rip the Wine project because it won’t give proper credit to where it is due. Bad move because it will only generate bad press.

Anyway, when I received this post that SpecOps is hiring again, I thought that it was amazing that David still survives until this day. I only became aware that SpecOps has generated (again) bad press from the local OSS scene again by being quoted in a news item that there are no sufficient local talent that will sustain the development. Only this time SpecOps has admitted to using Wine code.

And then I got wind of the this blog which is links to other criticisms that project David has already accumulated.

The new item said that David is already nearing completion. Let’s wait and see but I am not holding my breath.