[NOTE: A blog entry that started February and posted in March. Very un-procrastinator of me :P]

It all started with the desire to minimize the amount of waste we put out so I commandeered a broken laundry tub from our neighbor’s backyard and started a mini-compost pit. All of our food waste went directly to the tub which I covered with some sandy soil that I collected around the village. Decomposing is fun in its own way especially when I can find some worms that I can place in the tub to naturally hasten the decomposition process.

Then one day the chili seeds we threw in the tub started growing that I became so ecstatic. You see I always thought that I have the black thumb: the ability to kill any plant that had the misfortune to touch. When some tomato seeds started growing then that was the time I began transplanting the seedlings to pots and empty biscuit cans.

And here is the first fruits of my labor:

My first fruit harvest
Tomato Plant

Not much but they seem to be the best tasting tomatoes that I have had. The plant gave out around 5 more fruits but they were stunted because the plant itself started to die for some reason. I think it also have something to do with the excessive heat and strong winds that nearly killed and blew down most of my shrubs.

Oh yeah, I also have the following
– 4 Oregano pots courtesy of a single shrub given by my mother-in-law.
– 6 Tarragon pots that I split from a single pot bought from Tagaytay. I still have no idea though where I can use tarragon but these seem to be the ones heavily affected by the gusty afternoon winds.

Sorry tarragon offshoots

– 2 Mint pots that came from the single pot I bought from Tagaytay. We usually pick some leaves to put in a pitcher of Coke. When I become frisky enough, I’ll mix some mojitos.
– 1 pot of Basil that I don’t think are looking tasty enough.
– 1 pot of a Chinese parsley that had no chance of growing properly. The reason is we frequently prepare tokwa’t baboy to which we garnish with parsley. 🙂

And lots and lots of chili pepper plants. Some were already being planted on the thin front garden soil. To date I have taken two chili pepper pods from them. 🙂

The Chili Pepper Army.

More pictures can be viewed in the Picasa Gallery.