As of last night, that is what I am. My victim is a medium-sized cat that either from lack of common sense or a heightened sense of panic ran directly in front of my vehicle. The event happened in an unpopulated freeway type road in Baytown, Angono. I am not a violent person and while I may have some regret for snuffing a life out of this world I don’t really feel any remorse. Cat-lovers might hate me for saying that but I only have the following pleas in my defense:

  • Visibility was very poor. It was raining very hard that I had my wipers at the highest setting.
  • My speed was under 40km/hr at par with the other vehicles going in my direction.
  • The area was unpopulated and the cat suddenly sprang out of a bush and directly in front of my vehicle.
  • I tried to brake to avoid hitting the feline but it was not enough. Swerving is not an option as I would hit the oncoming vehicles and the road is slippery.
  • I think I scored a direct hit so it would have been painless and sudden for the cat. He was cold and shivering one moment and in cat paradise the next.
  • When I drove past the same road on my way to work this morning, the roadkill was still there and was very flat. He actually looks like a cute area rug. The several oncoming vehicles and the torrential rain might have something to do with washing away much of the gore.

Not much of a defense but hey that is how things go in this world.