Some things that I realized today:

– boil a liter of water with some lemongrass stalks, steep 1-2 tea bags. Strain and cool. Doesn’t taste much but smells wonderful. Remember to sweeten it with honey or brown sugar.
– Sliced lemon adds flair to the iced tea but dont leave it in the pitcher. It will make the whole batch bitter. 🙁
– I love eating chico, but putting it in oatmeal is just plain wrong.
– making teriyaki sauce is a breeze. Just mix 2 cups water, 1/2cup soy sauce (light if available), 3/4 cups brown sugar, 2-3 tbsp cornstarch, 2tbsp minced garlic. Cook until it thickens a bit.
– fried tokwa cubes with teriyaki sauce and some chopped onion leaves = heavenly fare/snack.