I am maintaining an infrequent office distribution list that contains some tips and tricks regarding common utilities and apps that we use at work. I call that “newsletter” as “IT TipJar” which was initially intended for my co-project members. To quote the last description in an internal office blog:

What is normally just an email push to the members of our project team will now be mirrored in this blog. The primary reason is I am rolling-off from the project and there might be some people who are still interested to receive such information. Mail versions are still being pushed to my current project and those who have expressed interest in getting them but for the rest this personal blog would do.

What is It Tip Jar? It started as a cheesy IT tips and trivia posts that I think will help improve the day-to-day tasks while working with computers. Or at least get an understanding with how things work.

Isn’t that similar to the working smarter memos from CIO? Yes but the difference is that I am not taking responsibility with the tips and content I am sending out. I am not a nanny and I am a firm believer that our people actually have the necessary brain cells to decide what is morally proper. Just like the maxim “guns don’t kill. people do.” what I send out are just tools that can be gleaned from the Internet (which is probably where I find most of them in the first place) so whatever you do with them and the consequences are your own problem.

The decision to mirror the content here is that I also send the content to colleagues who have already left the company and who have express their intent to still keep on receiving these posts. The extra work would be worth it as that is how much I love you guys/gals. 🙂