Valentines 2014 and beyond

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Yesterday, February 14th, my wife and I ate dinner at home which subsisted of grilled rib-eye steaks, a bowl of marble potatoes in honey mustard dressing, and we actually finished a bottle of White Zinfadel. This morning we had a fairly standard fried breakfast: sunny side up eggs, sauteed corned beef, home-made bacon slices and fried rice with bacon bits. Was it a good Valentine’s day celebration? NOPE.

Why not? The reason being I dont recognize Valentine’s day as a day to celebrate. I come from the school of thought that it is a capitalistic day created by the now struggling card company. The fare we ate is what I would call as something that we would eat when the whimsical need strikes us, and assuming we have the patience for the prep and cleanup. 🙂

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day but I dont stop other people from celebrating it either. I just find it ironically hilarious that people would need to wait for a single day in the calendar to show their significant others how much capacity they can to “love”.

I do consider that Valentine’s day is to the advantage of those currently starting their relationships. As I have said this is a chance for them to show much possibility their (potential) partners can expect from them but its going to be a double-edged sword. I prefer on showing how much I am capable of showing love on a daily basis. I “celebrate” this concept of Valentine’s day everyday. I don’t buy flowers since I am never going to associate my feelings for something so temporary. I won’t probably have any second weddings or renewal of vows either since I went into the ceremony of marriage with the understanding that it was meant to be forever unless I misunderstood that “till death do us part” bit.

What about the special food? I would turn the tables and ask “What about it?” The rib-eye was bought from the nearby grocery store last night on our way home. The marble potatoes has been in our refrigerator for more than a week now and it was supposed to accompany the buffalo wings that remains frozen as of writing. The bottle of wine has been languishing in the ref also for 3 weeks now if I am not mistaken although there are other bottles of wine there that is now applying for residency permit. 😀

Again, if you want to show off then by all means celebrate Valentine’s day and I will suffer the insane traffic jams you contribute it as you flock to restaurants and other places of interests. I would like to reiterate the stand that if you are already in a steady relationship, show your love everyday. If you need a single day to show how much you care then you have bigger problems that you don’t want to admit .

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