Why settle for mediocrity when you always have the potential to be great? Finding yourself being the big fish in a small pond is a great feeling. However the intent on staying there is a disservice to yourself. Do not be afraid to start as the average fish in the open sea as that is where you will expand your horizons and discover new things about yourself.

Being scared of the unknown is fine, but never let that fear dictate what you can or cannot do. I have yet to see a player of a computer game stay forever in stage one, or the starting place where everything is easy to manage. The goal has always been to explore uncharted areas and face the new adversities using the knowledge you have gained so far. That is the key to unlocking new skills and abilities; of having fun on doing seemingly monotonous activities.

Don’t aim to be the king of a tiny hill. Aim to be the ranger of a sprawling mountain. What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger. It will hurt like hell but it will fill your innate need to become better, to feel alive.