Mandaluyong Central Post Office – Contact number


Most internet search hits are still showing up with the Mandaluyong Post Office number which is +63 2 719 0716. This number is no longer operational. If you need to call them to validate postal notifications then the following number was provided by the PhilPost customer care: +63 2 8535 2131.

NOTE: The number is ringing and no longer responsive. The PhilPost site also removed the numbers in their web page. This is a disappointing turn of events. 🙁

[CAVEAT] I am not affiliated with the Philippines Postal Service. I am an ordinary private Filipino citizen who uses their service and publishes this blog entry as a public service.
(Paunawa: Wala akong kinalaman o koneksyon sa Postal Service ng Pilipinas. Ako ay isang ordinaryo at pribadong mamamayan ng Pilipinas na gumagamit lang din ng serbisyo ng Post Office. Itong post na ito ay isang kawanggawa lamang sa akin blog.)

[UPDATE 2016/09/19] Visitor Monica said the 535-2131 number is not working last July. I called the Mandaluyong Public Information Office and they confirmed that the post office still has that number. The number is ringing when I tried it but I didnt have the time to wait for somebody to pick it up. If the number remains non-functional then please try calling the main office using the numbers posted at

Shopping and Shipping from the US

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Online shopping and buying credits presents one of the most alluring temptation combo known to the modern man. There are a few local online shops that have established their own brand but nothing beats the variety of what is available in the US market. Unfortunately not all of the US shops deliver directly to the Philippines, and some who do are expected to either leave a scorching mark on one’s wallet or are in danger of not arriving in your doorstep if its valuable enough to catch the fancy of those in the courier/custom/postal service.

Here comes to the rescue a variety of maildrop services in the US. Their services basically provides you with a US address or PO box, and then handle shipping it to the Philippines at a nominal cost. Searching for them is easy enough but I will detail something that I have used in the past, mostly because of their affordable price and convenient arrangement for somebody who doesn’t always have somebody left in the house to receive packages: Johnny Air Cargo.