Fermented product #2

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Kombucha day 0 meets Ginger Bug month 2. Its dangerous to have them together so Ginger goes to the ref to sleep.  😀

Kombucha and ginger bug

The Kombucha SCOBY was sourced from Paleoishop.  

Overblown Food hype

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Halal Guys Logo

My wife and I are currently enamored with Frankie’s Buffalo Wings whenever we will eat lunch in Megamall. A couple of stores beside it is occupied by “The Halal Guys” which is another US-based franchise. The queue for The Halal Guys is insane and has been that way since it opened up a few weeks back.

This weekend we had an opportunity to try it given that I have seen some rave reviews from friends in facebook. By opportunity I meant we are not famished yet and the queue is not that long. I queued up for about 20 minutes and ordered the Gyro/Falafel combo for me and my wife. The fare costs around Php470 for the New York size, and it seems a bit normal: two scoops of yellow rice pilaf, a scoop of what seemed to be lettuce salad, a few tablespoons of fresh tomato salsa, a small serving of gyro/lamb meat and 3 falafel medallions. The meat and falafel was then squirted with a white sauce that they are also selling for Php25 per additional packet.

My wife and I made short work of the food, and the verdict is… MEH.

Don’t get me wrong. The food is good but I dont think the price and the wait is worth it. I may not be able to replicate the lamb part but if one is really looking for a similar taste then going to a tex-mex or mediterranean place would do unless you belong to the Moslem religion and really looking for Halal-prepared food. Again this looks like a food hype and will eventually die down when everybody has tried it once.

We are going back to Frankie’s on our next visit. There are a few more flavors that we are really excited to try. And the half-dozen required to satisfy us will cost half of the food we ate from the Halal Guys.


Adieu to a dependable team

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Tonight marked a sad day for me for I had to say goodbye to a dependable team who have worked so well together and have accompanied me through a lot of happy and sad times. I admit that I have not been paying them much attention lately but at the back of my mind they are always something that would be there if I need them to help me get back on my feet.

Today is the day that I was informed that KFC has switched to Coca-cola products. My 2-piece hot&crispy chicken, large coleslaw and extra rice would have to do with another wingman as Mountain Dew has moved on to another place. Of course they can still get together sometimes for reunions but it would never be the same as when they emerged together from the same counter.



Adobo sa Gata

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Posting here for Ate Mai. Taken from Cook Magazine (January-Februart 2003 issue). 🙂

1/2 kilo liempo w/ skin, cubed
1/2 kilo chicken parts
2 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp ground peppercorn
1/2 cup strong vinegar
1/2 cup water
1 head garlic, pounded
1 pc. laurel leaf, if desired
1-1 1/2 cup coconut milk
about 2 tbsp achuete oil, for coloring, if desired

– Season meat with salt and pepper and leave for about 15 minutes.
– Add vinegar and water, garlic and laurel
– Add achuete oil
– Simmer, covered in a heavy pot
– Reduce till liquid has practically evaporated
– Add coconut milk
– Let the sauce thicken to desired consistency

Knowing me, I’ll just take a look at the ingredients and then create the dish a’la chamba. And add some whole peppercorns at the end for that Adobo-effect. 🙂


No more instant noodles


During my high school and college days the instant noodle was the king of the kitchen, the ultimate go-fer for the hungry mind and stomach. Forget bread, back then I could live on instant noodles alone and with egg if I want a luxurious treat. Adding steamed rice makes it a full meal. Philippine noodles are notorious for packing large quantities of MSG but I was young and nothing can touch me.

When I started going out with Neth my tolerance for MSG-laden foods went down because Neth’s family doesn’t really use MSG because of the reported health risks associated with it. I still get to enjoy noodles every now and then, and MSG when we eat out but everything went south when a simple breakfast of noodles and pan de sal (local breakfast bun) turned into a 3-day toilet bowl marathon for us. Since then I gave up eating noodles.

About a year ago I started sampling local noodles again, especially during weekends. The temptation of a quick breakfast is hard to ignore. But I realize that when I do have noodles for breakfast then I will have an excruciating headache in the afternoon. I always blamed the afternoon naps but recently I put two and two together. One Saturday morning I tried eating noodles and not on the following weekend. Lo and behold the pattern recurred so I guess that means forever saying goodbye to those multiplying variants of instant noodles that are invading the market. 🙁

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