[BftP] Deductive Reasoning FTW!

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I am lifting the image below that I sent to some colleagues to highlight the power of deductive reasoning. The image originally came from 9gag.com but I am hosting a copy since this blog has been littered with broken links.

Batman vs Sherlock Holmes

The comment that I sent to accompany the email message has already been gone from the site. It explained the comics so I replicating it below for archiving purposes, with typos and all.

It’s quite easy, my dear watson.
It is Apparant that the mask is used to disguie a well-known identity from society. a man using a double life is most clearly a famous person, most possibly a rich man who can use an expensive Cavlar suit and quirky gadgets. the square jaw indicates a good lineage, perhaps a doctor’s son. the bat-motif is most likely from a childhood trauma that branded into the man’s mind as a great truth in the power that chiroptophobia has on the common man… *puff* *puff*

Moving clocks

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This post is in reference to the DST practice in most countries. This affects even those of us in the equatorial belt because we deal with them.

We don’t have DST but during college I adjust my wristwatch to advance by 45 minutes. It is for those who look at my watch (e.g. in public transport) without asking for permission. Then I try not to giggle when I see their expression change drastically when they doubt if they are still on time with their appointments.

This also works even if they have their own clocks because even if they assume that my clock is 30 minutes in advance then they are now already behind by 15 minutes. Sadly the effectiveness of this prank is lessened now that most people have cellphones and the possibility of the internal digital clock being wrong is very, very small. 🙂